TMI Ep 25 – It Doesn’t Take Much Space

If there is one thing that doesn’t require much space, it’s our podcast. And this particular intimate chat takes us to some interesting places. This was definitely one of our more intimate conversations about life. And as you can tell from the reference, it took a while for us to decide to release it. Tell us what you think.

TMI Ep24 – The Death Of Society

For the most part, the phone has been a good thing. But has it turned the corner? Are we losing who we are to the smartphone…?

TMI Ep 23 – Have You Been Infected By Et Tu Carte?

Between Ebay, Amazon and hundreds of other online stores, there’s a new kind of disease that people suffer from. Question is… Do you have it too?

TMI Ep22 – Why We Hate Talent (Secretly)

You always hear the phrase, “We’re looking for talent”. But do we really want talented people? Or are we looking for something else? Could this podcast change the world? Hopefully a little.

TMI Ep 21 – Do These Genes Make Me Look Fat?

We can find out so much about ourselves by genetic testing – but do we really want to know?

TMI Ep19 Neighbourly Neighbours

Well its time for the haze to make it’s yearly return – and we have some thoughts on the issue which you probably wouldn’t hear on Channel News Asia. We hope you enjoy our take on our “favourite” time of the year.

TMI Ep18 – Animal Antics

Maybe you love animals. Maybe you don’t. Or maybe, you just find HUMAN BEINGS weird for how we react to animals. Whatever, the case, this episode of TMI Podcast will have something for you. As always thanks for telling a friend about the show.

TMI Ep 17 – Theatrically Thrilling Therapy

Actually not so theatrical. Petrina brings in some feedback for Joe and things get real. Uncomfortably real. To the point Joe wasn’t sure if we should release this podcast. But because this could be good for someone out there, here it is.

TMI Ep 16 – Skewed Schools and Schooling

So make some space on that bandwagon, coz we’re hopping on. Congratulations to Joseph Schooling! Now what? Your Olympic Meddlist (meddlers) have some unsolicited comments that we hope will help us pick up more gold in the future.

Where Coaches Go To Get Coached To Coach

Wait till you hear about the class that had Petrina go all the way to Spain for 5 weeks – and what she did during those classes. Warning: may contain personal growth hormones.

TMI Ep14 – The Flying Unicorn & Rainbow Dreams

We’ve launched a new format where we riff on one topic for the ENTIRE show. We thought it would make our shows shorter. Well so much for that idea. On this weeks TMI Podcast, we review the biggest showbiz production in Singapore – the National Day Parade. This is one of those shows we would NEVER have been able to do on the radio. Listen to, as Petrina put it, possibly our last show.

Robbery, Racism And A Racket

If this were a radio show, this is the one that would get us fired. We plan a robbery, have a spirited debate about racism. And we also tell you the story of someone who got right up to the finish line and narrowly escaped being scammed.

Crazy Actions And A Crazy Solution For The Mentally Ill

Alemay Fernandez guest stars as we talk about a guy who managed to piss off a country. And also we walk mental illness – from attitudes, to a solution that you might just think is.. well.. crazy. Enjoy!

Dating Dangerously, Deadly First Dates and A Devastating Diva

What do you do if all the warning signs tell you that a date is a bad idea? Well if you’re Petrina Kow, you give in to your curiosity and you go anyway and get the story of a lifetime… And our live guest (and shocked witness to Petrina’s confession) on the show is jazz powerhouse Alemay Fernandez. alemay

Doggie Parenting School, Doggedly Saying No To Negativity And Dodgy Internet Friends

It’s funny how people judge you by your pet-parenting skills. Also our Most Interesting Person is someone who does MUCH more than just type away on the internet – he shows up for the good fight. And the story of how Adele (Joe’s wife) broke all the rules of internet safety and won (kids, don’t try this at home).


TMI Podcast Ep9 – The Female Fish’s Balls, The Coffin Prank From Hell And How A Real Writer Writes


The female Angler fish does a particular trick that could leave you crossing your legs. Joe has an idea about what he’d like to do when he’s dead but not quite gone. And we shoot the breeze with Alison Jean Lester – a friend of both of us who also happens to be a real-life published author of Lillian On Life, a novel that’s been translated in several languages. She shares with us her process for creation.

TMI Podcast Ep8 – Bhutanese Death Rituals, Butterfly Visitations and (almost) Dr Beat

We talk and laugh quite a bit about death and dying on this episode of TMI. And our TMI Person segment brings us face to face with a beat-boxing, teacher-training doctor-to-be. Come. Listen. Enjoy. (And remember to share this with your friends).

TMI Podcast 7 – 1999 Voices, Penis Transplants & The Blogfather (MrBrown)

Perhaps you’ve already heard the amazing tribute to Prince – with not 2000, but 1999 voices (see what they did there?). Also the first penile transplant has been achieved by doctors in the US. And our TMI Person this episode is Lee Kin Mun aka MrBrown – our chat moved from reviewing the Prime Minister’s social media all the way to how MrBrown started on the internet.

TMI Podcast Ep6 – The New Studio, Stalking Sexy World Leaders & And A World Reknown Graphic Novelist

TMI has a new home. We’ve moved out from under my daughter’s bed to The Gunnery – a fantastic studio, run by fantastic folks, at the edge of the city at 7 Keong Saik Rd. Today, Petrina talks about the sometimes shallow reasons people follow world leaders on social media. Joe was accosted by so many women, he finally heard what they were selling… and to his own surprise, he said yes! And we talk to highly acclaimed Author of The Art of Charlier Chan Hock Chye, Sonny Liew joins us for a chat.

TMI Podcast Ep5: The Golfing Rocker, The Atomic Fart and The Stealth-Bombing Canine.

Wait till you hear how Alice Cooper picked up golf – and how good he is!
Apparently, if you save them up, your farts may give you more energy than you imagine.
And the stealth-bombing mutt in Bukit Batok. Plus our TMI Person is a social entrepreneur whose “origin” story takes us to a brothel in Calcutta.

TMI Podcast Ep4: The Bee Sting, The Orgasm And A Whole New World.

On today’s TMI Podcast, a natural way to treat a bee-sting. Another reason (because apparently we need one) to have an orgasm. And our TMI Person is actor, singer and writer Dwayne Tan who really REALLY loves Disney’s Aladdin.


TMI Podcast Ep3 – Drugs, The Mafia Auction & The Ping Pong Game

On today’s show, we explore a topic we could never on the radio. What drug WOULD you take? (And don’t worry parents, we aren’t recommending anyone does that). Also Joe’s new obsession lead him to discover todays TMI Person – is a guy whose company creates murders and other mayhem, while people PAY them.

And yes, there will be ping pong.

TMI Podcast Ep2 – The Idiot, The Saint & The Dogs Bollocks

On today’s TMI: Petrina’s son has a tough time with their puppy’s castration – and so expresses himself in a most interesting way.  Joe gets a SUPER-PERSISTENT telemarketer who didn’t want to hang-up.. to hang up. And we meet a living saint of sorts – he helps in a very unique way.

TMI Podcast Ep 1 – Tampon Tidbits, Killer Heels and A King

Well it’s here. Finally. Come join us for a podcast that has feet (You have to listen to what we mean)… But seriously – we aim to bring you the most interesting people, places and stories. We hope you’ll like what we’re doing – and if you do, please tell a friend.
On today’s show, the high-heels that may have killed a genius, the most interesting fact from the packaging of a feminine hygiene product and we tell you about a man with an amazing name who does even more amazing things.