TMI Podcast Ep2 – The Idiot, The Saint & The Dogs Bollocks

On today’s TMI: Petrina’s son has a tough time with their puppy’s castration – and so expresses himself in a most interesting way.  Joe gets a SUPER-PERSISTENT telemarketer who didn’t want to hang-up.. to hang up. And we meet a living saint of sorts – he helps in a very unique way.

TMI Podcast Ep 1 – Tampon Tidbits, Killer Heels and A King

Well it’s here. Finally. Come join us for a podcast that has feet (You have to listen to what we mean)… But seriously – we aim to bring you the most interesting people, places and stories. We hope you’ll like what we’re doing – and if you do, please tell a friend.
On today’s show, the high-heels that may have killed a genius, the most interesting fact from the packaging of a feminine hygiene product and we tell you about a man with an amazing name who does even more amazing things.