TMI Podcast Ep9 – The Female Fish’s Balls, The Coffin Prank From Hell And How A Real Writer Writes


The female Angler fish does a particular trick that could leave you crossing your legs. Joe has an idea about what he’d like to do when he’s dead but not quite gone. And we shoot the breeze with Alison Jean Lester – a friend of both of us who also happens to be a real-life published author of Lillian On Life, a novel that’s been translated in several languages. She shares with us her process for creation.

TMI Podcast Ep8 – Bhutanese Death Rituals, Butterfly Visitations and (almost) Dr Beat

We talk and laugh quite a bit about death and dying on this episode of TMI. And our TMI Person segment brings us face to face with a beat-boxing, teacher-training doctor-to-be. Come. Listen. Enjoy. (And remember to share this with your friends).

TMI Podcast 7 – 1999 Voices, Penis Transplants & The Blogfather (MrBrown)

Perhaps you’ve already heard the amazing tribute to Prince – with not 2000, but 1999 voices (see what they did there?). Also the first penile transplant has been achieved by doctors in the US. And our TMI Person this episode is Lee Kin Mun aka MrBrown – our chat moved from reviewing the Prime Minister’s social media all the way to how MrBrown started on the internet.

TMI Podcast Ep6 – The New Studio, Stalking Sexy World Leaders & And A World Reknown Graphic Novelist

TMI has a new home. We’ve moved out from under my daughter’s bed to The Gunnery – a fantastic studio, run by fantastic folks, at the edge of the city at 7 Keong Saik Rd. Today, Petrina talks about the sometimes shallow reasons people follow world leaders on social media. Joe was accosted by so many women, he finally heard what they were selling… and to his own surprise, he said yes! And we talk to highly acclaimed Author of The Art of Charlier Chan Hock Chye, Sonny Liew joins us for a chat.

TMI Podcast Ep5: The Golfing Rocker, The Atomic Fart and The Stealth-Bombing Canine.

Wait till you hear how Alice Cooper picked up golf – and how good he is!
Apparently, if you save them up, your farts may give you more energy than you imagine.
And the stealth-bombing mutt in Bukit Batok. Plus our TMI Person is a social entrepreneur whose “origin” story takes us to a brothel in Calcutta.

TMI Podcast Ep4: The Bee Sting, The Orgasm And A Whole New World.

On today’s TMI Podcast, a natural way to treat a bee-sting. Another reason (because apparently we need one) to have an orgasm. And our TMI Person is actor, singer and writer Dwayne Tan who really REALLY loves Disney’s Aladdin.


TMI Podcast Ep3 – Drugs, The Mafia Auction & The Ping Pong Game

On today’s show, we explore a topic we could never on the radio. What drug WOULD you take? (And don’t worry parents, we aren’t recommending anyone does that). Also Joe’s new obsession lead him to discover todays TMI Person – is a guy whose company creates murders and other mayhem, while people PAY them.

And yes, there will be ping pong.