Dating Dangerously, Deadly First Dates and A Devastating Diva

What do you do if all the warning signs tell you that a date is a bad idea? Well if you’re Petrina Kow, you give in to your curiosity and you go anyway and get the story of a lifetime… And our live guest (and shocked witness to Petrina’s confession) on the show is jazz powerhouse Alemay Fernandez. alemay

Doggie Parenting School, Doggedly Saying No To Negativity And Dodgy Internet Friends

It’s funny how people judge you by your pet-parenting skills. Also our Most Interesting Person is someone who does MUCH more than just type away on the internet – he shows up for the good fight. And the story of how Adele (Joe’s wife) broke all the rules of internet safety and won (kids, don’t try this at home).