TMI Ep18 – Animal Antics

Maybe you love animals. Maybe you don’t. Or maybe, you just find HUMAN BEINGS weird for how we react to animals. Whatever, the case, this episode of TMI Podcast will have something for you. As always thanks for telling a friend about the show.

TMI Ep 17 – Theatrically Thrilling Therapy

Actually not so theatrical. Petrina brings in some feedback for Joe and things get real. Uncomfortably real. To the point Joe wasn’t sure if we should release this podcast. But because this could be good for someone out there, here it is.

TMI Ep 16 – Skewed Schools and Schooling

So make some space on that bandwagon, coz we’re hopping on. Congratulations to Joseph Schooling! Now what? Your Olympic Meddlist (meddlers) have some unsolicited comments that we hope will help us pick up more gold in the future.

Where Coaches Go To Get Coached To Coach

Wait till you hear about the class that had Petrina go all the way to Spain for 5 weeks – and what she did during those classes. Warning: may contain personal growth hormones.

TMI Ep14 – The Flying Unicorn & Rainbow Dreams

We’ve launched a new format where we riff on one topic for the ENTIRE show. We thought it would make our shows shorter. Well so much for that idea. On this weeks TMI Podcast, we review the biggest showbiz production in Singapore – the National Day Parade. This is one of those shows we would NEVER have been able to do on the radio. Listen to, as Petrina put it, possibly our last show.