TMI S02E08 Surprising Answers To Surprising Questions

We’re pretty sure we’re misusing a set of questions designed to help a dating couple find a deeper relationship. And perhaps we’re misusing the audience by subjecting you to our answers. These last questions take us deep into uncomfortable territory. We invite you to join us on the journey.

TMI S02E07 Petrina Thought She Knew Joe UNTIL…

Our journey continues with questions where the answers, in some cases, certainly were not only unexpected but a little scary. What was it that scared Petrina? To find out, tune in! We sincerely hope you take a moment and share this with your friends. 

TMI S02E06 How will you die? (HA HA)

Slightly strange circumstances land us at this point where we’re asking each other this particular question – right along with a few other perhaps strange questions.