SE0302 What This Town Needs…

Like one of those SCI-FI fantasies, what if Petrina and Joe were in charge of mass media?… Don’t know if it would be better. But we’re pretty sure it would be different.

Season 3 Begins AKA WE’RE BACK!

So what have we been up to? WHY have we been OFF the podcast for this long? What’s our EXCUSE?

Well, take a DEEP BREATH and listen for the answers. (And I think you’ll appreciate the deep breath reference once you listen).

TMI S02E09 Should We Give A F&@% About Political Correctness?

How did we get here, a world where people can hardly say ANYTHING without getting into trouble? Well because we’re the big mouths that we are, we have some answers. Tell us what you think?

TMI S02E08 Surprising Answers To Surprising Questions

We’re pretty sure we’re misusing a set of questions designed to help a dating couple find a deeper relationship. And perhaps we’re misusing the audience by subjecting you to our answers. These last questions take us deep into uncomfortable territory. We invite you to join us on the journey.

TMI S02E07 Petrina Thought She Knew Joe UNTIL…

Our journey continues with questions where the answers, in some cases, certainly were not only unexpected but a little scary. What was it that scared Petrina? To find out, tune in! We sincerely hope you take a moment and share this with your friends. 

TMI S02E06 How will you die? (HA HA)

Slightly strange circumstances land us at this point where we’re asking each other this particular question – right along with a few other perhaps strange questions.

TMI S0205 We Have Some Questions

We’ve given up. Looks like we CAN’T stay on a single topic, unless we’re guided by producers or in the case of today’s show, a quiz. It’s supposed to be a series of questions that may help two people find love in each other. Thanks for listening.

TMI S0204 Close Your Eyes and SEE (FIXED Audio Link)

(Audio link FIXED) Can you actually see more with your EARS? On this episode of TMI Podcast, we talk about the incredible power of sound. Only question is… can we stay focused on the topic?

TMI S0204 Close Your Eyes and SEE

Can you actually see more with your EARS? On this episode of TMI Podcast, we talk about the incredible power of sound. Only question is… can we stay focused on the topic?

TMI S02E03 The Most Dangerous Thing You Don’t Know You’re Doing

This conversation might upset some of you. But this show is all about affecting you in a positive way. I hope you enjoy the ride.

TMI S02E02 Taking The Leap

Ever felt you were the edge of doing something REALLY great… but then found yourself NOT taking the leap? Well, join the club! On today’s show, Petrina tries to push your (and Joe) off the edge! In the process, Joe reveals his plans to build a “death star” and Petrina wants to give you some of her critically acclaimed homemade granola!

TMI S01E01 – Do you REALLY want to know?

If there was something really important that you SHOULD know… would you want to know? Whatever YOUR answer, the science behind it will amaze you. And that’s not the only thing that will blow you away… On this episode, we literally talk crap – but all for a good cause – to bring you The Most Interesting Podcast. Welcome to Season 2.

TMI 35 Let’s Sleep On This!

We all need it… But we seldom get enough of it. And on today’s show we talk about some of the effects of not getting enough sleep and what people try to do in order to get more or better sleep.

TMI 34 – What is NORMAL?

Our guest on TMI Podcast is actress Julie Wee. We talk about the critically acclaimed stage production of “Normal”,  that tackles the issues of what it means to be “normal”, especially in a country where that doesn’t seem to be enough.

TMI Ep 33 – Saying Sorry.

Have you ever received an apology that made you even more mad? The art of apology isn’t one they usually discuss in schools. Check out the framework Petrina came up with. You’ll be impressed. Thanks for listening!

TMI Ep32 Money Money Money

What is money TO YOU? Petrina joined a circle of honesty where they have some really interesting conversations about money. We also hear about someone who’s making his living on a lot less money than most of us think would be possible.

TMI Ep31 – We, They, I Said What?

So we heard that a certain radio station was in hot water over something they said. And as friends who’ve worked together as partners on morning shows, it’s a familiar story to us. We talk about apologies and we get to one of the worse parodies of a Disney song you will ever hear (Joe sings).