One thought on “TMI Logo 3000

  1. Hi Petrina and Joe,

    I cant believe how difficult you guys are making it to leave a comment for you. Even in this website, I couldn’t find a comment section. I have no idea how I got to this “Leave a Reply” section, and I think I will probably never find it again, so I sure hope this is getting to you somehow.

    Can I just say – welcome back!!! I have been kind of depressed since Joe left Gold90.5 cos I have lost my morning drive entertainment. I have been sort of “making do” with the muttons, but its not the same. And when I chanced upon this podcast…and…wait… with Petrina Kow!! wow!! talk about a blessing in disguise! 2 of my favourite DJs back together! I used to love the 2 of you waaayyyy back… I think the 2 of you are the most witty, funny, intelligent, and yes… interesting.. people around. And you have the BEST radio voices. I can listen to you 2 talk and banter for hours. Joe, you basically make all your co-hosts interesting, and really, without you, they are truly painful to listen to. I hope the radio station realizes that.

    Keep doing the podcast!! Don’t stop!! I love it!!

    And please set up the FB page, it has to be easier to leave comments!

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